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Installation Materials

Installation materials are available for Do-It-Yourself installations. Our kits are complete with pipe, wire, glue and all fittings needed for the installation of a central vacuum system. Each kit comes with detail instructions. The complete variety of inlet covers is also available.

Installation Kits

We help you get your do-it-yourself installation started with our Installation Kits.

Inlet Valves and Trim Plates

Beam inlet valves come in a variety of colors and styles. You can replace inlet covers whenever needed. Consider new inlet covers whenever you are remodeling.

Vacpans & Trim Plates

Vacpans are a nice addition to any central vacuum. They are used in mud rooms, in kitchens, and in bathrooms. Anywhere there is flooring and you might need to sweep debris into the vacpan for quick pickups.

Mufflers & Quiet Packs

Reduce the level of noise from your Beam Power Unit with these easy to install mufflers and quiet packs..

Installation Materials